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You can find each video on the Facebook page associated at this website (, and on My blog. Or on my Youtube Chanel.

Each video is a flight memory. From now, every flights are filmed (with passangers authorization). A movie from flight is made. If passengers want to have this video, they can have it. All XXX hours of image, a "big" movie is made by a friend... Its title: a poor lonesome pilot... Le Best Of #X.

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Les Vidéos

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Video Without Title - 2015 flights resume 13/11/2015

Evasion 01/06/2015

A flight to Cannes... 03/11/2014

A poor lonesome pilot - Back on 2 years of flight 01/04/2014

A poor lonesome pilot - Souvenir à Andernos 23/02/2014

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