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This website is made by a passionate for passionate. I am a young pilot and I want to share my passion through my feedback, recital, pictures, videos and my flight propositions (co-avionage).
I hope you spend good time in spite of bad design of this website and its old technological using. Don't hesitate to go to my visitors book to encourage me. You can visit my blog too. You may find more recital about my trips.

Friendplane: pleasure is not in the practice of passion but is in sharing of this one!

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At this moment, there are comments on a visitors book.

Information(s) Importante(s) 02/08/2014
Following To read more adventures and to see more pictures :).

Video 12/01/2014
A new video in the Video part of this website.

Gaz'aile Project - the next 30/11/2013
I will buy wood at Valex. I will pay 2 more time than other woodshop. But the quality is the best. Moreover, dimensions are known by this company. I think save money on the engine. Indeed, I will change it. I will buy a BMW engine. I think being able to save money on the rising of the wood budget.
At the end of this month, a Gantt of this project will be published. And, I will creating a sponsoring publication. I hope to have some help :).

Gaz'aile Project 16/12/2012
Starting of Gaz'aile project. Remind it, this project touchs the plane building. This plane is Gaz'aile by Serge Pennec.
First off, I made a budgetary. (describe here ici.)
Project to follow...

Visitor friend 16/06/2011
This new is beeing translated!

Airtrip... 08/07/2010
Some trips very good... taking off to new sky:
Breakfast at l''Ile d'Yeu (1h10 from arway in flight), Night in San Sbastian in Spain (1h45 of flight), Week-End in Alpes mountains (2h15 of flight), Corse (4h30), Week in Maroco (10h)...

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